5 foods I’ve banned from my life for good


While this is a required beverage for most, I find that it is not a nutrient and does not add anything to my diet. I enjoy being able to wake up in the morning without it and not have to rely on it.


I am not sure how I ever ate this stuff before, but I am glad to see it ago. This includes sausage, salami, bologna, liverwurst, bacon – anything of that nature! Full of trans and saturated fat and is linked to contribute to poor cardiovascular health.


I have never liked soda ever in my life (not even as a kid), but even if I did like it, I would avoid it like the plague. Full of sugar, not a nutrient, and provides no substance to your body. One can of Coke has more grams of sugar than my mind can even picture!


I used to have these every once in a while when I was younger due to hectic schedules and a lack of interest in cooking, but now that I care about my health, my tastebuds, and cooking, I refuse to eat anything close to these. They taste and smell like fake food, like plastic with god awful chemicals.


I have never been particularly interested in alcohol, but I made the decision to ban it from my life completely because (1) it is not a nutrient and (2) it impacts my life experience. I feel as though I am buying out of experiencing life and mindfulness on alcohol. It is also a depressant drug and why would I want to take that?


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